Almost one-third of the world rides on right hand drive. There is a huge demand for RHD vehicles, mainly Africa and our RHD division started 8 years ago, aims to satisfy these demands. We also cater to Asia, East and Southern Africa, Japan, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand & UK.

A wide network and a string sales team of qualified professionals ensure fast procurement and timely delivery. With enormous storage facilities we can deliver ready stocks anytime.

Western Auto, UAE’s leading auto-dealers, offers an extensive collection of Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles across 65 countries worldwide. Our RHD division specializes in import/export of RHD cars in strict conformance with international RHD regulations and established guidelines.

Established in 2004 our RHD division has become a leading auto dealer and reliable car supplier in the UAE transport sector. It is one of the fastest growing divisions in the organization, displaying a consistent growth pattern and remarkable success in its target markets. In a short period, Western Auto RHD has received regional acclaim for its Right Hand Drive vehicles from customer centric approach.

What separates Western Auto RHD from other RHD vehicle suppliers operating in the region is our commitment to offer flexible transport solutions to a cross-section of industries and clients. Our visionary leaders and management team have endowed us with the spirit of client engagement and support second to none in the region. As an organization we strive to provide outstanding capabilities in auto parts, import/export of RHD vehicles, and automobile technical solutions. We are not just among the top most-favourable automobile companies in Dubai, but our global network, especially our centre in India, makes us one of the leading suppliers of cars and auto parts in the region. Being the largest suppliers of RHD vehicles, we deal with all brands and models available in the RHD class, including Toyota, Lexus, Land Cruiser and Jeep. Our solution includes 4X4s, SUVs, vans, and saloon cars.

Our RHD division is headquartered in the heart of Dubai, and maintains a prestigious showroom at Al Aweer Free Zone. From where, we deliver RHD cars throughout the Middle East, Far East, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Tanzania.

For more information visit www.westernautorhd.com